Clint Eastwood - Official Pix Signing

Show off those awesome send-in signed pieces
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Clint Eastwood - Official Pix Signing

Post by Greg2600 »

When Official Pix announced the Clint Eastwood signing, I couldn't believe it! One of the all-time greats. Then they announced the signing schedule, which was tight, but also in phases. Phase I was very expensive, and really didn't have an option I cared for. I wasn't thinking much of it, because I figured they will sell out of spots before it ever gets to Phase II. Furthermore, the web chatter of "Experts" was that the second level would not be much of a price drop. Well the time came, and Phase II opened, and WOAH! There was a significant price drop, so much so that I immediately signed up!

Next came the question of what to send? My idea was a simple 11x14 print, but I had many ideas. After googling for a couple days, I got my inspiration. As a younger folk, I LOVED the bare knuckle brawler comedies that Clint did as Philo Beddoe, in Every Which Way But Loose and Any Which Way You Can. They featured Geoffrey Lewis, his then wife Sandra Locke, and an orangutan named Clyde! The movies featured some terrific Country & Western music, particularly another guilty pleasure, the smooth late great Charlie Rich. While I loved Escape From Alcatraz, and In the Line of Fire, etc., those were my favorites. I spotted a UK DVD two-pack of both movies, that essentially combined the poster art from both films. The quality was terrible, so I redesigned it myself from the ground up, so that I could get enough resolution to print a 11x14. It came out great.

Last step I figured was the easiest, mailing it. Due to Clint's schedule abruptly changing, it needed to be in ASAP. Chris Wyman at OPix could no longer print it at the lab for me, as normal, so I had to find one locally. I did via Unique Photo in Fairfield, NJ, and hustled it to the UPS Store. Using UPS instead of FedEx or USPS was a HUGE mistake. NEVER AGAIN!!!! I paid for 2-day shipping and the morons took SIX DAYS to get it to Florida. Thankfully, Chris had people working at the office the following Monday to receive it. The print came back the other day to me, signed in a white paint pen.

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Re: Clint Eastwood - Official Pix Signing

Post by 16times »

That's a cool piece ! Nice job :clap:

And yes, Fed Ex is the best. They are my only choice when it's really gotta get there.
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